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Money Management Process and Protocol

The only reason to be involved with stocks is to make money. What does that mean? Your OBJECTIVE at Map Syntax is to learn to turn a block of money into something MEANINGFUL. We call it Project 1m, 10m, 100m.  Start with a block of money and grow it, the starting dollar amount is irrelevant.  If you know how to pull chunks of profits out of stocks (day trading, swing trading, or even position trading) then you can let compounding work its magic.  Did you know that if you take $10,000 and compound 12% quarterly  (C'Q'GR) returns for 30 years it is worth $8 billion+ (pre-tax of course)?  COMPOUNDING GAINS is one of the most powerful advantages you have as a financial market participant to building wealth.  Combine that with liquidity, a good stock picking system, disciplined money management and it's not difficult to do something financially significant for yourself. OF COURSE there is NO GUARANTEE for "out-sized" returns as I described above, but to say it's unreasonable, or even impossible couldn't be further from the truth.

Even if your goals are NOT for "out-sized" returns but rather "moderate" returns that you keep and don't give back, recording your performance via Project 1m, 10m, 100m Track Record Model keeps you focused on the BIG PICTURE of making money and not necessarily the winning or losing of each individual trade.

Project 1m, 10m, 100m is introduced in the course of a MENTORSHIP and is yours to complete in the months and years ahead.

Project 1m, 10m, 100m

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