Mentorship [All new clients begin with a Mentorship]


Do you have a specific trading plan or RULES OF ENGAGEMENTIf not, why not?

How is that working for you? How powerful would it be to put structure to your trading?  Do you use the proper INTERNAL DIALOGUE to be successful in trading stocks?  If what you are currently doing isn't producing the desired result isn't it a good time to consider change?


^ Map Syntax Momentum Map Construction & Service 

^ Map Syntax Momentum Scans ( Proprietary )

^ Map Syntax Training- Rules Of Engagement & Secrets to Trading Momentum [ Inside Baseball ]

^ Optimizing Map Syntax Momentum with Options

^ Building a Professional Track Record

^ Developing a WINNING Relationship with Stocks.


Fact; Less than 10% of all active market participants are CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE. What does that mean? When they make money they don't give it back.  The value of their account is steadily rising and only suffers small draw downs in Net Asset Value.  Most other traders/investors (roughly 60%) fall into the "Boom-to-Bust" category, which means this trader makes money but ends up giving it back and sometimes more at a distant time in the future. 


Three (3) AREAS OF FOCUS you must master to rid yourself of "Boom-to-Bust" and become a CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE market participant?

1... Trading System / Your "edge"

2... Money Management

3... Trading State Management; A "Thinking System" 

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