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Private Access

Part of being successful in equity markets is owning the right stock at the right time. In order to do that, many market participants must conduct hours of research after markets close. Many choose to outsource that work to a competent individual or team of analysts. "Map Syntax" Private Access can be your source of technical research needs. Below is an outline of services provided via "Private Access";

- Map Syntax Twitter Feed (Client Access Only)*
      + Shadow Trade Coach Power -  Actionable Idea Flow
      + Public Blog Updates

- IPO DashBoard - Research & Trade IPOs the Map Syntax Way
- Cutting Edge Scans (Updated as needed)
- Personal Access to Stephen Stewart
- Building & Maintaining a Track Record
  --> Project 1 Million
  --> Project 10 Million
  --> Project 100 Million


Available only to individuals who have successfully completed

or are participating in a Map Syntax Mentorship. *


Contact Coach Power. 

See Signal, Trade Signal, Manage Risk.

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